Colloidal Silver: Wide Spectrum Antibiotic


Bacteria? Virus? Fungi? Parasites? Colloidal Silver, a natural and highly effective solution. 


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Silver Particles: It's About The Production

Particle size, dispersion, uniformity...


From the type of electrical current, to the purity of the silver used in manufacturing... It All Makes A Difference! 


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Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

So, what about that blue guy? How do I know Colloidal Silver is safe for my family and especially my children?


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In 1940, R. A. Kehoe reported that under normal circumstances, the average daily intake of fruits and vegetables would provide between 50-100 mcg of naturally occurring silver as a trace element found in fertile soil. 


Since that time, the commercial farm soils of this country have become extremely deficient in trace minerals. 


The Wonders of Colloidal Silver... it's many uses!


Humans, Pets, Garden, Household...


Colloidal Silver can be taken internally, used topically, placed directly

in the eyes and ears and inhaled by use of a nebulizer. 


Use as a household cleaner, disinfect children's toys, and remove pet odors...

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UCLA Medical Test on Colloidal Silver :

650 different disease causing pathogens were destroyed in minutes when exposed to small amounts of silver.



NASA Gives Thumbs Up to Use of Colloidal Silver as Antibiotic In Space

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Where Antibiotics Fail, Colloidal Silver Shines 

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Pub Med: The Effects of Colloidal Silver Against Candida Albicans



Effect of Silver's Antibacterial Activity Against Staph Aureus and E-Coli

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