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Larger sizes: quart, half gallon and gallon are available at a discounted bulk rate.  Please call for a quote. 


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About the product:

  • Broad spectrum anti-microbial and immune support
  • Bio-active micro particles are easily absorbed and eliminated
  • Uniformity in particle size and high particle surface area results in a safe and effective product
  • No known side effects or drug interactions
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, fungi
  • Manufactured under strict quality standards to ensure maximum efficacy and safety
  • No added salts, proteins or stabilizers
  • We use only high quality steam distilled water and 99.99% silver



1 Bottle: $29.95 

(Reg. price $38.00)


2 Pack:  $58.00 

(Reg. price $70.00)



Call to order at:

Living Water Holistic Health


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UCLA Medical Test on Colloidal Silver :

650 different disease causing pathogens were destroyed in minutes when exposed to small amounts of silver.



NASA Gives Thumbs Up to Use of Colloidal Silver as Antibiotic In Space

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Where Antibiotics Fail, Colloidal Silver Shines 

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Pub Med: The Effects of Colloidal Silver Against Candida Albicans



Effect of Silver's Antibacterial Activity Against Staph Aureus and E-Coli

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